Announcement: Teaming Up With Keap

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I’d like to proudly announce that I’m teaming up with Keap Athletics as a brand ambassador.

The relationship between myself and Keap Athletics formed over a year ago when we started talking.  I was just getting everything started on here and they were just really kicking things off with their company.  So the relationship formed over the past several months we have talked and decided to team up.

After talking with Keap Athletics I believe that teaming up with them will be a great choice for myself and the company.

My Role

My role will be simple: to help test out Keap’s athletic shorts on my adventures.  I’ll be compensated by giving honest feedback to the company along with helping suggest new ideas as well.

Another way I’m going to help is to help the company continue its growth by spreading the good name of the company on social media and in person to others.  I will also help Keap out by writing some blog posts and other things for them.

Why It Fits Me

Teaming up with Keap Athletics was ideal for me due to the fact that athletic shorts are part of my clothing kit for three season conditions (this kit will be addressed at a later time).  So the fit between myself and the company were ideal.

Also, the Keap Athletic shorts are very impressive due to their unique design and will definitely be ideal for the outdoors.

Overall, teaming up with Keap Athletics is an honor and I’m really happy to say that I’m part of the Keap team.  Until next time, be sure to stay tuned! There’s a lot more content on the way for April and beyond!