Ben, Where Have You Been?

I haven’t posted in awhile and there are many reasons behind that.  Throughout this post I’ll discuss what’s been going on lately and how it’ll impact the future.  Let’s get this thing started!

There are several things I want to cover throughout this post. First starting with what’s been going on lately and then on to the new, exciting stuff!

Ben, Where Have You Been?

There are many things that I’ve been doing lately, here are some of my highlights over the past couple months.

  • Graduated college
  • Gone on family vacations as well as other personal commitments
  • Trying to workout daily to get into better shape
  • Acquired more and more new gear (I’ll get to why later in this post)
  • Started doing social media for Keap Athletics

As you can tell, I’ve been fairly busy but here’s the section where things get really fun.

Now Find @BenOnAdventures On Other Platforms

Starting tomorrow I’ll officially be on Snapchat: BenOnAdventures.  So with this, you’ll be able to receive even more content which will range from:

  • Motivation
  • Tips for your next adventure
  • Get to follow along with me before, during (when service allows) and after adventures
  • Get a behind the scenes look at how things are done here
  • Connect with me on a more personal level
  • Fitness
  • Inspiration
  • And more!

In The Works

There are many other exciting things going on, here are just a few of them.

  • Social media coverage – I’m planning on adding another social media site to the mix, so stay  tuned!
  • More content that ranges from tips, reviews along with a variety of other subjects are on the way.
  • A big adventure
  • A top secret project

These are just a few of the many things on the way.  So keep coming back and checking for more updates.

If you’d like to connect with me on all of my current social media platforms feel free to do so by following the links below:

Connect with me on all of these social media platforms to find different content on each one and of course, the most important part about all of this, doing this allows me to connect with all of you!