How To: Pudgy Pies

When you decide you want to have a nice relaxing weekend at a campground or some other place close to civilization you may want to take more luxurious items and food choices with you.  An extremely tasty and easy treat to make on one of these weekend camping trips is a pudgy pie.  Throughout this post I’m going to explain how to make these and give some ideas on different kinds that can be made.  So get ready, it’s time to eat!

Pudgy pies are great.  They’re a camping treat that I grew up with and I definitely want to pass them along to all of you.  Sure, these are not ideal to take on a backpacking trip but they are definitely worth taking if you’re doing a weekend trip at a campground.

Items Needed

  • You’ll need a pie iron (an example of one can be found by clicking here)
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Filling (will explain once I get further into the post because this can vary)
  • A campfire
  • Creativity!


  1. Butter both of the outsides of two pieces of bread (think how you make grilled cheese)
  2. Place one piece of bread into the pie iron with the buttered side out
  3. Add the filling that is your favorite
  4. Place the second piece of bread on top of that with the buttered side out
  5. Close the pie iron so the pudgy pie will be compacted together
  6. Cook over the fire by slowly turning the pie iron
  7. After cooking, take off of fire, let cool and eat up!

Filling Options

  • When it comes to filling there are limitless possibilities.  Just think of it this way: if you can think of it, it can probably be made into a pudgy pie.  Here are some examples that my family and I really enjoy.
    • Fruit pie filling – cherry, blueberry, apple, etc
    • Chocolate
    • Pizza toppings/sauce/cheese
    • Meat (turkey, ham, chicken, etc) and cheese
    • Eggs, bacon and cheese
  • There are many other options you could select from but these are some of our favorites.

So next time you head to a campground pick up a pie iron and get cooking! Pudgy pies are easy to make and everyone will love them! Feel free to comment your favorite pudgy pie combination below.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your pudgy pies!