The Importance of a Good Base Layer


The base layer.  It’s a term commonly used among hikers and just about anyone who gets outdoors.  The base layer is the layer of your clothing that is the closest to your skin.  The main purpose of the base layer is to wick moisture away from you while being an insulator to keep you comfortable while you hike.

The main types of base layers that you will find in the market range between wool and synthetic.  Synthetic is a great base layer (along with it being cheaper than wool), but one big issue with it is the fact that it becomes very smelly while you hike. The smell can be a big issue to some people as well as offend others.

Wool on the other hand is a premier type of base layer that has many ideal qualities for people who love the outdoors.  Through my experiences hiking, I have found merino wool to insulate better than most synthetics I’ve used.  A major plus to merino wool is the fact that it just feels better to me when I’m out on an adventure. I don’t want a base layer that is uncomfortable because I would constantly be adjusting it and this would result in my hike being not nearly as enjoyable.

The main issue I’ve found over the years with merino wool is in the durability factor.  The durability of merino wool can be less than synthetics in certain cases, but in most scenarios, merino wool will outperform synthetics when it comes to a base layer.

Overall the base layer is an essential part of any hikers clothing system.  It can really make or break your hike. A good base layer can dramatically enhance your outdoor experience by providing temperature regulation and moisture management.  I would highly recommend looking into getting a merino wool base layer. They may be a bit more expensive than synthetics, but will be well worth it in the long run.

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